Sometimes, a butterfly will float through the air

Collecting speed behind and spinning into gales

It never lands on our side, but it will stare

With stone eyes and wings with coloured scales


A muted jade sparkles in the splitting light

And spirals of colour run wild in the breeze

Everything I’ve ever seen has been a grey goodnight

And anything we touch is plagued with disease


The butterfly will remind us of before the end

it will tap on our rotting skin and sing and dance

make it easier to lie and painless to pretend

like we aren’t dead or dying, that there’s a chance


We are nothing but bone now, rapped in crumbling skin

Sunless eyes stare and paper thin frames quiver

All tied together by striped uniforms soaked in sin

Sin that does not to belong to us, but helps us wither


It cannot be the same butterfly every time

that lands and sews delicately that smile to my face

the butterfly is a bright light against the grime

but he gets to leave, while I am stuck in place


I wish I could fly away from the death that is ahead

But the butterfly abandons me, he leaves me for dead.


The spiders’ web obscures my vision

A patterned obstacle

Droplets of water decorate the arachnids

dining table.

I can see shrubbery beyond the reflective embellishment

But it is too far out of reach.

A broken picture scuffed with age.


Where Do I Belong?

I will lie in my city bed

Wishing for my melancholy home

Sleeping in lights

Murdered by homesickness syndrome


I dream about being missed

Or of the old crooked tree

I just want to be kissed

By the homelike smell of the sea


Cuddled by home

And suffocated by love

Yet I feel so alone

I am the spy they want to get rid of


My childhood sings in the air

Memories stick to the leaves

In this spot, people seem to care

About what the other believes


This place never wanted me

I was made for the city streets

So why does this town hold the key

For where my heart and head meet


Unlock my hatred

For these people who roam

The only thing in common

Is we call the same town ‘home’


And when I wonder the little lanes

I crave the taste

Of the city planes

And I kick at the concrete waste


For why would I want to be in the place

Where everything is scarce

When I can be in the cold embrace

The of the cities circus


I don’t want to here

In the rotten town

And I hate to be there

Where the lights beat me down


Because I don’t want to be anywhere.


The night we first met

we used  headstones as resting posts

as we had the littlest respect

for the long gone and restless ghosts


Drunk on technicoloured poison

and high on the scent of dead flowers

I asked you please take joy in

these lonely early morning hours


Paint us a story

of a graveyard far away

nothing too gory

where everything is grey.


Giggle and whisper

don’t wake the already dead

the night air getting crisper

I can’t remember anything we said


Buried in the moment

I think the police came

and the hangover seemed worth it

because I’d always take the blame


Running from the dead

or maybe from the police

in any direction we fled

our friendship is a masterpiece


Paint us a story

of a graveyard far away

nothing too gory

where everything is grey.

Another Sleepless Night

Blue light streams through the gap between the wooden sill and the blind

It settles onto the yellow blanket and shimmers its daylight dust

My eyes ache and itch at the feeling of the sleepless kind

And the morning breaks into a new and shatters the nighttime rust


Sleep is so far away now, but it has never seemed so close

A flicker of dreaming is enough to switch my brain to standby

Outside the air warms up, boiled as the sun rose

The noises, the birds, and the wind are mesmerising me as I lie


Utterly still waiting for something to occur suddenly

but nothing ever does and everything is slowing as the day begins

My eyes shutter closed and mind stutters into silence solemnly

The light purges the air of everything, of sadness of sins


The skull  shields my brain from the innocence of the light

it lets it continue its melancholy existence

As the moon slips undercover and sun emerges into sight

The world thanks the sun for its beauty and light; for its persistence.

Lazy Sunday’s

Curled into the crack on your cheek

Muffled articulation

Your smile oblique

Freckles like a star formation

Paint me blueberry

Graffiti my tongue

Skin fragmentary

The smell of you sedates my lungs.

A calming gale

Shallow wave

Our skins mix into pale

Your sour tasting aftershave

Let me wake up in your warmth

Sleep the day away

Curl your arm around my waist

Our bodies a bouquet

Rose Petals

🥀 Stuff my lungs with rose petals 

Let me suffocate on their scent

I cry their perfume

Melt them down to greying cement 

Let them overgrow and twist 

Around my aching heart

Cut off all circulation 

Smother me in their art 

The vines will plague my soul

Petals clogging my airways

Breathing is impossible 

Hunting for the suns rays

Let the roses grow and flourish 

In my rotting rib cage 

My body will home the flowers

Sugar scented sage 🥀

I Want To Be Missed

I want to be missed

When I’m not near

But, forgotten when I’m kissed


Your stomach should twist

With longing and fear

I want to be missed


I have to subsist

As your souvenir

Forgotten when I’m kissed


Please see me through the mist

of distance my dear

I want to be missed


I ought to be dismissed

Demand for me to disappear

Forgotten when I’m kissed


Need me, I insist

But only when my place is clear

Forget me once we’ve kissed

I just want to be missed.

A Poem for Your Troubles

You lived your little life in the clouds
While I drowned in oceans of sorrow
You shine so brightly in all the crowds 
I couldn’t see another tomorrow

You compared me to Paris in the spring 
But you’d never been to Paris before
I made you promise never to sing
But all you could ever do was adore

me. And cherish all my hideous flaws 
While I could only critique your fault.
You’d wait forever for my heart to thaw
But I never told you it was basalt

I drowned you and you kept me afloat 
But I never loved you so I left you this note.